The selected wines 

Our wines are sourced primarily from Tuscany and are predominately Sangiovese. Last year we added Rose, White and Prosecco as we feel these are wines that are very much appreciated.



Sangiovese is the dominant grape of Tuscany and comprises the majority of our wines, the main areas of Tuscany are Chianti Montepulciano and Montalcino.



Chianti Reds

All of our reds from Chianti come from the area of Panzano which is one of the first exclusively organic areas in Italy. We have three wineries and the three levels of chianti to choose from, Chianti, Riserva and Gran Selezione.



The first and only Prosecco we have is Il Milione, this is extra dry which is perfectly suited to aperitif and antipasto.This is specifically made from the best areas of the hills in Valdobbiadene.



The sangiovese produced in Montepulcaino is less tannic than Brunello but fuller bodied than the Chianti wines. These have the Nobile and the Reserva made in special years.




This is our only white from the hills in Soave. This style is unique to the area of Italy and is unmistakeable for its distinctive minerality. It fully expresses the terroir and is fresh fruity and delightful. It may even be better the day following opening.



The Brunello is made further south and is a bigger and darker style wine. These wines age very well.